My process is personal and friendly.  The first step involves a meeting to discuss the colors, tones, subject matter, emotions, and dimensions of the piece, and where the client wishes it to be placed.  These questions are important in creating the desired ambiance in the client's space.

On black canvas, oil pastels and acrylic paint are used as a full abstract painting background for the collage base.  The collage is built on top of this abstract painting.  This layered look gives a depth effect.  The painting has five layers over all. 

Then decorative Chinese paper and other assorted unique paper such as wrapping paper, craft paper, and fabric patterns are cut into shapes.  This technique is called Chinese paper cutting or widow flower artwork.

I then finish the piece with a low odor high gloss polyurethane (this is very durable; it is used on hardwood floors and long lasting).

Depending on the size of the painting, each painting take 22-75 hours to complete. This is a very involved process that takes a great deal of patience, and attention to detail.